Ribstone Ranch in the News (Western Wheel: Dec 10, 2014) “Foothills: 2,600 homes in proposed Ribstone Ranch”

by Don Patterson

A development proposed for the Foothills MD’s north end could see thousands of people come to call the Heritage Heights area home.

Plans for the proposed Ribstone Ranch unveiled at an open house on Nov. 27 call for a 2,600 home community on a 914-acre site just east of the Norris Coulee and Shannon Estates subdivision.

At build out, the number of homes proposed would exceed the current size of both black Diamond and Turner Valley, where there are just over 2,000 dwellings in both communities combined.

Adrian Munro, CEO of developer Highfield Investment Group, said Ribstone Ranch is a significant project that will be built in several phases over as long as 20 years.

“We built this on a 20 to 25 year project,” he said. “This is a large track of land, it’s 2.4 kilometers from the north boundary to the south boundary.”

Under the developer’s plans, 51 per cent of the development’s nearly six-quarter-sections of land will be left as open space.

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