About the process


Over 7 years ago, we made a commitment to the Municipal District of Foothills and our neighbours to build Ribstone Ranch right, not fast. In January of 2008, we engaged the community with a well-attended open house and survey process. We listened to feedback and we took the necessary time to incorporate this input into our design concept. One of the things we heard back then was that our proposal was premature and a broader vision for the area was needed. We agreed, so we stepped back and allowed that to happen. Since that time the MD of Foothills engaged in an intense process to update their Municipal Development Plan (MDP), in 2010, and recently their Land Use Bylaw (LUB) to guide where and how the MD should grow.  In 2013, the MD followed up with a Growth Management Strategy and identified the Central District, which encompasses Ribstone Ranch, as a high growth area.

Now, in late 2014, we believe it is the right time to relaunch Ribstone Ranch. To continue with the planning process, we have begun work to create a new Area Structure Plan (ASP) which aligns with the MD’s goals and objectives and to meet residential demand in a manner that clusters housing (minimizing the fragmentation of farmland elsewhere in the MD), maintains open space and rural character and makes efficient use of new and existing piped levels of servicing.


Next Steps

We are currently in the process of engaging stakeholders and the surrounding community to gather input on our initial proposed plans. We hosted a well-attended open house in November, despite a winter storm, to give a first glimpse at proposed concepts and provide individuals a chance to speak one on one with our team of expert consultants and the landowner. Thank you to those who attended and to those who have provided us a great deal of respectful feedback. We are always open to further comments via info@ribstoneranch.ca.

We are now in the process of incorporating what we have heard into our conceptual plans and will be communicating that back to the community. Our proposed plans and subsequent modifications can be found on this website under Community Concepts and Plans. There you will find the original documents shared at our open house along with subsequent modifications so you can review how the plans are progressing.

Going forward the approval process for Ribstone Ranch is expected to follow the following timeframe:

Spring 2015 – ASP and Concurrent Land Use Application Submission

September 2015 – Public Hearing and consideration of First Reading

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