About the proposed community

Ribstone Ranch is envisioned to be a masterfully designed community that embraces the beautiful countryside, provides a range of housing choices, and exudes rural character. This land’s rich history helps to establish a sense of place for Ribstone Ranch. The landscape no longer supports vast herds of grazing cattle, but maintains its picturesque rolling hills and Snake Creek. The horizon holds views of both the majestic Rocky Mountains and the sparkling towers of downtown Calgary. Today, these lands are an ideal location for a new community – at the boundaries of urban convenience, but set in the quiet of the countryside.

To align with the goals and objectives set out by the MD of Foothills, the design for Ribstone Ranch is based on the principal of clustered development. According to the 2010 MDP, “This type of development can maintain the open space nature of the landscape, thereby not dramatically altering the rural character. The Cluster Residential subdivision uses a smaller area of land for roads and houses, and is therefore more efficient when compared to Country Residential lots.” Over the course of its build out, Ribstone will encompass 2,600 homes.

Ribstone Ranch will be set on 914 of rolling foothills located within the Central District in the Municipal District of Foothills, which has been identified by the MD as an area for high growth. The land lies two (2) kilometers south of the Bow River and Highway 552 runs parallel to Ribstone’s southern boundary. Another major roadway – Dunbow Road – runs just one half kilometer north of Ribstone’s northern boundary. Both roadways connect with Highway 2 about five (5) kilometers to the west, which offers direct access to the urban centers of Calgary and Okotoks.

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